Weft Bundle Mocha (4)
Weft Bundle Mocha (4)
Weft Bundle Mocha (4)

Weft Bundle Mocha (4)

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Sew in Weft Bundles

Our shed-free seamless flat weft can be cut to any desired width, making it easy to suit every hair type. Measure the size of the weft needed and your installation method, and continue with your preference in installation. Our versatile wefts are superior to the  “Traditional Weft Bundle” as it is secured with a seamless finish that is 100% invisible and discreet, and can be sewn, or converted to clip ins.

 This Two in One Flat seamless Weft is 100% reusable and customizable.

  • Available in 20 & 24 Inch
  • Double Drawn 
  • Seamless weft
  • 50g – one 50cm wide weft per pack 
  • Reusable
  • 2-3 packs needed for a full application
  • Professional use only